Kitty Korner


This page will be updated with all of the Spay and Save cats and kittens that are currently at PVPE looking for FURever homes below!  Please check back often!

Spay and Save, Inc. is a non-profit organization devoted to general animal welfare and education. Their network of volunteers strives to help good people adopt healthy pets!

PVPE houses two cat condo cages in the back of the store in our ADOPTION CENTER that are owned by Spay and Save.  The purrfectly awesome team here at PVPE cares for the kitties while they wait to be adopted.  When visiting the Spay and Save kitties, we ask that you follow the Adoption Center Rules for the safety and well-being of the kitties.


Meet Bella!

Wow look at this gorgeous sweet girl named Bella! Bella is spayed and about 5 months old and is sweet and likes other cats (we are not sure about dogs quite yet)!  Sadly her owner had threatened to throw Bella and her siblings out on the street because she was tired of them…can you even imagine?  Bella deserves a wonderful FURever home where she will never have to worry about being homeless again. See below for the Adoption Process or stop in PVPE to speak to any team member for more information!

Meet Tammy!

Tammy is about a year and a half old from Lancaster and has already been a great mother and surrogate mother for other kittens.  Tammy is VERY sweet, loving and enjoys attention but should not be in a home with dogs.  If you are looking for a lap kitty…she is your girl!  Now Tammy is the one that needs to be cared for for the next 10 to 15 plus years of her life.  See below for the Adoption Process or stop in PVPE to speak to any team member for more information!



  1. If you are interested in adopting, PVPE has applications or you may apply online at Spay and Save’s website at There is no mandatory adoption fee, however donations in any amount are always encouraged and appreciated. All donations made to Spay and Save, Inc. are 100% tax deductible.
  2. A PVPE team member forward the completed application to Spay and Save to review. Please allow 2 to 3 business days to hear back from a Spay and Save representative regarding your application. The rescue consists strictly of volunteers and most volunteers have full time jobs during the day, so please be patient. If you do not hear back from Spay and Save at the end of (3) business days, then please contact Spay and Save directly.
  3. If your adoption application has been approved by Spay and Save, they will coordinate with you a mutually convenient date and time to up your new family member at PVPE during our regular business hours. When you pick of your new kitty, please be prepared:
  • Bring your own pet carrier with a towel or blanket inside.
  • You will be required to sign off S & S’s Adoption Release and Indemnification Form.
  • You will receive your kitty’s cage card with information on your kitty.
  • If you are comfortable, please allow one of the PVPE team members to take an adoption picture for social media.
  1. Once the paperwork has been signed, you will be gifted a Perk Valley Pet Eatery Coupon for 10% OFF ALL CAT ITEMS to use towards all your necessary kitty supplies for your new fur baby! This is a one-time use coupon and is valid only on Adoption Day at PVPE. The coupon may not be combined with any other offers.