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Gordon and Sue Kriebel are the founders and owner operators of Perk Valley Pet Eatery. Gordon and Sue are long-time residents of the Perkiomen Valley, residing since 1989. They are married and have two grown children, Lauren and Aidan, each of whom grew up as employees in the store. Gordon and Sue have four cats at home, all of which have come from the adoptions cages at the store! Emily, the cocker spaniel, rounds out their collection of pets and you’ll often see her at the store with a tennis ball in her mouth!

In 2003, Gordon and Sue opened Trappe Feed & Pet Supply on West Main Street in Trappe, adjacent to the Dairy Queen. The store initially was a full line pet store, with small animals and a live tropical fish department. Since that time, the focus of the store changed to a pet food and supply only model, mainly focusing on canine and feline products. In 2009, the store changed its name to Perk Valley Pet Eatery and in the fall of 2012, they relocated the business to the Trappe Shopping Center, where it is located today.

Gordon and Sue are active in the pet industry, attending trade events and seminars to learn about products and trends in nutrition. They have been recognized as a leading independent store and an innovative force in the market they serve. Gordon has been in the pet industry since 1979, in a variety of roles that have provided a depth of experience and knowledge. Sue has been employed in the past in the corporate pharmaceutical industry, leaving that behind to join Gordon full time in 2003. 

Today Gordon and Sue are passionate and strong advocates for defending the market value of independent pet specialty stores and are locally active in community charities, and church and ministry organizations. We encourage all of our customers and friends to support local business. Why? Click here to find out why it is so important to shop local...

Don't take our word for it... READ REVIEWS from other local pet owners.

We are conveniently located in the Trappe Shopping Center.

Please visit our store and bring your furry family member to become part of the PVPE family!

Meet Our Team


Retail Store Manager

Linda joined PVPE in 2007 as a part-time sales associate and later became full-time in 2008. Linda is devoted to providing pet owners with an unsurpassed personal customer service experience. Linda is also a certified canine massage therapist. With Linda’s obvious love for animals and their care, and her savvy leadership skills, and commitment to PVPE, it was no surprise when she was promoted to Retail Store Manager in 2017! 

Fun Facts about Linda: 

What was your first pet? A rottweiler named Puddin 

What is your favorite vacation spot? Cape May, NJ 

What three things you can’t live without? Dark Chocolate, a home full of pets, and my hubby!


Assistant Retail Manager

Valerie joined the PVPE team as Assistant Retail Manager in August 2017. Valerie brings with her over 30 years of experience in the pet industry including a Zoo Keeper, wildlife rehab, veterinary care, grooming, training and retail. Valerie currently shares her home with 8 indoor kitties, many outdoor cats and 10 poison dart frogs. We are excited to welcome Valerie to the PVPE management team! 

Fun Facts about Valerie:

What was your first pet? Freida German Shepard and Mary (my kitten)

What is your favorite vacation spot? Anywhere with a beach 

What three things you can’t live without? cats, TV and plants (gardening)


Marketing and Events Coordinator

Tracy was currently a PVPE customer and ‘Simba Stalker’ when she joined our team in January of 2016. Tracy brings an impressive background to her role here as our Marketing and Events Coordinator which include, 20 plus years as an Executive Assitant, Corporate Catering, Wedding Event Management and Pet Sitter. Tracy’s over the top love of animals and creative mind are a purrrfect fit here at PVPE! 

Fun Facts about Tracy:

What was your first pet? Calico cat named Cassandra 

What is your favorite vacation spot? Anna Maria Island, Florida 

What 3 items can’t you live without? My hubby, my fur babies, and my Iphone


Operations Supervisor

Marissa joined PVPE in 2013 as a part-time Sales Associate and was promoted to Operations Specialist in 2017. With Marissa’s attention to detail, passion for animals and her ‘team player’ attitude, Marissa has flourished as a valued member of our PVPE team! 

Fun Facts about Marissa: 

What was your first pet? A golden retriever named Jesse 

What is your favorite vacation spot? Disney World! 

What three things you can’t live without? My pets, friends and my family


Warehouse and Receiving Supervisor

Tim joined PVPE in 2014 as a part-time Sales Associate. Tim’s organizational skills and knowledge of our manufacturer brands made him a natural fit for his new role at Warehouse and Receiving Supervisor. Tim has a natural ability to connect with our furry customers and is always willing to lend a paw to our human customers as well! 

Fun Facts about Timothy: 

What was your first pet? A Jack Russel named Terra 

What is your favorite vacation spot? The Mountains 

What three things you can’t live without? My friends, my pets and my family


House Dog

Emily is Sue & Gordon’s cocker spaniel who comes into the store with them every day. Emily will greet you with a ball or toy so be prepared to play! 

Fun Facts about Emily: 

What was your first pet? A cat named Simba 

What is your favorite vacation spot? PVPE where customers play with me all day. 

What 3 items can’t you live without? My ball, the bows in my fur and my ball.

Simba & Maggie

Resident Cats

Maggie and Simba are our two store kitties! Maggie joined the family first about seven years ago and Simba joined her about three years ago, shortly after we moved into our current location. Both came out of the adoption cages that are sponsored by Spay & Save rescue within our store! You’ll often find Maggie sleeping on a dog bed, or on a shelf display. She’s not too fond of other dogs or children, but she is mellowing in her old age. Simba is often found in the office area and more specifically on Gordon’s lap trying to interfere with him getting work done! We have many “Simba” lovers in our customers and they are often asking to see him when the shop at the store!

Look for pictures of both of them as they lounge, play and interact with our customers on the PVPE Facebook page!






We love our customers from areas near Arcola, Coldspring Crossing, Yerkes, Evansburg, Collegeville, Trappe and all of our surrounding areas. 

Come visit our family locally owned pet store store in Trappe, PA specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for cats and dogs.