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As many as 67% of {American|U.s.} {households|homes} have at least one {pet|family pet|beloved pet}, with 63.4 million families owning at least one {dog|pooch}. In cities like [CITY], we see the {trend|pattern} of dog ownership {maintaining|keeping|sustaining} its {growth|progress|progression}. The percentage of {households|homes|families} owning a dog is {expected|anticipated|assumed|projected} to only continue to {increase|grow} as animal rescue becomes more popular, and as the health benefits of owning a dog become more {apparent|obvious|evident|noticeable|clear}. After all, dogs are not just property or animals. To their owners and families, they are full-fledged members of the {household|family}, needing {care|attention} and {love|affection|appreciation} just as much as any {human|person}. They {need|require|want} to be {loved|adored|appreciated} and {pampered|spoiled}. And so, with the {joys|delights|enjoyments} of pet ownership also come {responsibilities|obligations|duties} for {proper|appropriate|correct|adequate} care. These can {include|consist of} {ensuring|guaranteeing|making sure|assuring} the health and {well-being|wellness|wellbeing} of your furry best friend, as well as {assembling|constructing|creating} {an environment|an atmosphere|a setting|a surrounding} that is {safe|secure} and {aware|conscious|mindful|cognizant} of your pet's {limitations|restrictions|limits} and special {needs|requirements}. Part of this {involves|includes|entails|consists of|requires} maximizing your dog's {comfort|coziness|security}, {particularly|especially|specifically} as they develop over time. After all, {an active|an energetic} puppy will have slightly different physical {needs|requirements} than {a senior|an elderly|an older} dog. At [BUSINESS], you'll be able to {find|discover} the {widest|largest} {selection|collection|assortment|options|range} of dog beds and furniture in PA to {meet|satisfy|fulfill} your dog's {needs|requirements|demands}. We {serve|cater to} [CITY] and {surrounding|bordering|neighboring} areas with {premium|superior|exceptional} quality furniture {options|choices|selections|solutions} that {can|will} {meet|satisfy|fulfill|suit} any and every budget. Are you {wondering|questioning|pondering} what {sorts|kinds|types|varieties} of {features|attributes|elements|characteristics} you can {expect|anticipate} to find in dog furniture? Have you ever shopped for a dog bed before, or have you only {encountered|experienced|came across} a limited assortment from which to choose - and so you're feeling a bit overwhelmed when {considering|thinking about|taking into consideration} the {options|choices|possibilities|selections} [BUSINESS] puts in front of you? Some dog furniture features to keep an eye out for {include|consist of}: {Durability|Sturdiness|Toughness} - Precise needs around this will vary based on your dog, with one {key|essential|crucial|vital} {consideration|factor} being are they chewers? {Ergonomics|Functional designs} - With memory foam mattresses {available|offered|accessible} to cushion your dog's bones, to raised dog food bowls to help {maintain|preserve|keep|sustain} proper body alignment, {specific|particular|certain} needs here will {vary|differ|change} both based on your dog's {conditions|ailments|health conditions|afflictions} (if any) as well as their age. Nontoxic - Make sure that the {fabrics|materials|textiles} and {finishes|surfaces} used are non-toxic so your furry friend won’t get {hurt|harmed}. Cleaning-friendly - From anti-microbial {surfaces|surface areas} through machine washable, {removable|detachable|easily removable} covers, you want to be able to make your dog feel {comfortable|comfy|at ease|cozy}, {clean|fresh}, and {safe|secure|sound}. Variety - No two dogs are exactly {alike|identical}; nor are {families|households}. With the number of {available|offered} bed and furniture {options|choices|alternatives|selections} only continuing to {grow|expand|increase}, so are the {design|style} {options|choices|selections|solutions}. Make sure the furniture you {select|choose|pick|decide on|pick out} fits in with the rest of your {decor|design|style|home decor}! Click around to {see|find|discover} what else [STORE] has in store for you and your pet, whether they are {canines|dogs|pooches|four-legged friends} or some other type of animal species. {Call|Get in touch with} us today at [PHONE] in order to {learn|discover|get to know|uncover} more about your dog bed and {furniture|furnishings}.


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