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Bag of Bones - Simple, Nutritious, Wholesome

We start from scratch with nutritious and wholesome ingredients and bake them in small batches to create savory and delectable treats bursting with flavor that comes from the food in each treat, not artificial flavors or additives.

They’re also healthy and easy on your dog’s tummy, because we don’t make any of our treats in a factory overseas somewhere. We make them the old-fashioned way in our store’s kitchen. In the good ol’ USA. With ingredients from the USA. Because we like simple. And we think your pets will, too.

Our namesake brand of tried-and-true treats includes several different types of treats that remain customer favorites to this day – nearly 15 years after their original formulation!

Bag Of Bones Product Line

  • Barkery Bones
  • Nibblers 

  • Bitty Blossoms
  • Healthy Bites 

  • Gourmet Puffs

Come visit our family locally owned pet store store in Trappe, PA specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for cats and dogs.