Simba & Maggie

Simba & Maggie, Resident Cats

Maggie and Simba are our two store kitties! Maggie joined the family first about seven years ago and Simba joined her about three years ago, shortly after we moved into our current location. Both came out of the adoption cages that are sponsored by Spay & Save rescue within our store! You’ll often find Maggie sleeping on a dog bed, or on a shelf display. She’s not too fond of other dogs or children, but she is mellowing in her old age. Simba is often found in the office area and more specifically on Gordon’s lap trying to interfere with him getting work done! We have many “Simba” lovers in our customers and they are often asking to see him when the shop at the store!

Look for pictures of both of them as they lounge, play and interact with our customers on the PVPE Facebook page!

Simba PVPE resident cat  Simba wearing PVPE pet clothing maggie PVPE resident cat