Loyalty Program

PVPE Paw Points Loyalty Program

We are excited to announce our new ‘Loyalty Program’, PVPE Paw Points which is effective March 1st! We listened to your feedback and hopefully have made changes that will improve your shopping experience. Here’s how it will work:

Beginning March 1, 2018 your purchases will be tracked in our new Point of Sale System. For every dollar you spend, you’ll earn one point. When you have spent $300 on anything in the store, you will receive a $5 loyalty coupon. So, no more loyalty stamp cards (woo hoo) and no more limitations on what to spend to earn points for $5 loyalty coupons!

Additionally, we have placed valuable coupons on our website that can be used at every sale. So you are saving more at each transaction while still earning points to redeem for a loyalty coupon.

Of course, you are wondering about the loyalty stamp cards that you have been saving! Well, bring them into PVPE at your next visit and if you qualify, you’ll receive an instant discount or gift card (no cash value will be offered). Discounts will be given on loyalty stamp cards up until 4/30/18.


We hope that this will simplify your shopping experience at Perk Valley Pet Eatery. We truly appreciate your continued business.


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